Multi Cyclone Separator

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh / Piece 
Multi Cyclone Separator  is a device to separate solids (in powder or granular form) from air/gases. When the material is moving as in pneumatic conveying, the solids are separated. In this device, air is made to flow at cyclonic speed and made to rotate in a cylindrical vessel of suitable design. When the solid material attains high speed, it picks up centrifugal force and choose to cling to outer surface while air retains high speed it gets due to its velocity factor. Suddenly in the center, air outlet is provided for air to go out while due to centrifugal force the solid material is not able to change direction but goes downwards and gets separated.

This device is capable of offering separation efficiency up to 90%, of course, depending upon the design of material, bulk density etc. There is one collecting hopper where material gets collected. Smaller the diameter, better is the efficiency.
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